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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Jan. 13, 2017

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By Kevin Siembieda

The most time sensitive news item is that this weekend is your last chance to get a 2016 Palladium Surprise Package. The offer ends Sunday night at midnight, January 15, 2017. This deal is a fantastic way to start the New Year, try new game settings, fill holes in your collection, and get gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. This offer will not be extended, so order this weekend or miss out.

Somehow the New Year has started out at a frantic pace. That’s good, I guess. It has kept us hopping and putting in late nights, but it has been exciting. So what’s going on? Read on.

Christmas Grab Bags

Surprise Package offer ends Sunday night at Midnight, January 15, 2017

– Last weekend to order – $90-$100+ worth of products for $45 (plus shipping) – offer ends Sunday night, January 15, 2017

By now you should know all about the Palladium Surprise Package offer. Click here for details and to place your orders.

The only other thing you need to know is these Grab Bags are fun, a great deal, and people love them. Ask and we will sign your books. After January 15, 2017, you’ll have to wait till the next Christmas holiday season to get one. Game on and have great weekend.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Jan. 6, 2017

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By Kevin Siembieda

Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring us all good health, prosperity and joy. I

I hope your New Year’s weekend was a fun one. We were back to work on Monday with a lot of extended Christmas Surprise Package orders to fill. (You can still order one up through January 15, 2017.) That Friday and Saturday we were busy with warehouse inventory and the rest of the week seemed like one meeting and planning session after another. Some going late into the night. There have been three nights this week that I have not gotten home before 11:00 PM. Crazy, right? But awesome things are coming.

Some of these meetings involved third party projects that are likely to take 2-3 years before they launch, but we need to lay the groundwork for them now. This includes possible film, television and videogame ventures, and none of them Rifts®. Oddly, this makes them especially exciting because we are used to everyone being interested in Rifts®, not our other I.P.s like Nightbane® or Splicers®, among others.

That does not include projects already in the works, like Rifts® for Savage Worlds hitting stores in the next month or so, and Rogue Heroes LLC’s still untitled Rifts® Board Game being created by Carmen Bellaire (Carmen’s Kickstarter should happen in March or April). Nor our own big plans for Rifts®, Robotech®, Heroes Unlimited™, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Splicers®, Dead Reign®, and others. All of this has meant creative meetings, scheduling discussions, wrangling talent and financial planning. The week has been so full of such meetings that I’m going to keep this Weekly Update short and fun, and offer up more details next week.

Christmas Grab Bags

9 days left to get your Surprise Package

– Yep, only 2 weekends, 9 days, till the offer ends January 15, 2017 – $90-100+ worth of products for $45 (plus shipping)

Extending the Surprise Package offer has become as much a tradition as the offer itself. We do it because we realize many of you are so full of the Christmas Spirit that you spend your money on gifts for your loved ones rather than yourself. This wonderful act of charity often leaves no money for you to buy a Palladium Surprise Package for yourself during the Christmas Season. We think that sacrifice deserves a reward, so we extend the offer so you selfless souls still have a chance to get yourself a Grab Bag after the holidays. (We know this happens because a lot of people over the years have thanked us for the extension for this very reason.)

This year, with so many Savage Worlds players discovering Rifts® for the first time, it gives them the opportunity to get $90-100+ worth of Rifts® books or miniatures for $45 (plus shipping)! And as always, available staff and freelancers are happy to sign all the books in the Surprise Package if you want us to. PLEASE let Rifts® Savage Worlds players know about this great deal.

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