Christmas Grab Bags
The 2017 Christmas Surprise Packages are here!

The best deal in gaming. Treat yourself or get gifts for your friends. $45 plus shipping & handling for $90+ worth of RPG products.


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By Kevin Siembieda

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This has been a fun, busy and productive week. The Rifter® #78 has been sent to the printer, and I have started my work on Rifts® Sovietski. Other than that, we have been pulling and signing stacks of books for Christmas Surprise Packages. The initial response to the offer has been fast and strong. It’s nice to see so many people excited about it and ordering their Surprise Package right away. Among them are gamers living outside the USA who are wisely purchasing the Grab Bags to circumvent the high cost of shipping, as well as a number of new people. I always suggest people who have never gotten a Surprise Package to order one early, because often that person is so pleased with what he gets, he’ll want to get another one or two before Christmas. We’ve already had one individual do just that, and he only received his first Surprise Package mid-week! Processing Surprise Packages is always a pleasure for us, because we love putting smiles on the faces of so many people around the world.

UPDATE: Christmas Surprise Packages now shipping

People are jumping on ordering their Surprise Packages this year. Awesome, we’ll process and ship them out as fast as we can, so keep them coming and beat the holiday rush.

If we can help in a small way, please let us. This year the United States and many of our neighbors have experienced unprecedented disaster and loss. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire, and earthquakes have unleashed devastation upon millions of people. Many of these catastrophic events are recent, so for a lot of you who may have suffered through them firsthand, you are probably still dealing with more immediate and important matters of recovery than worrying about replacing game books. But if you are in that mindset, or to those of you who have gaming friends or family who have lost their beloved game books through such tragedy, please let me know in the comment section when you order a Christmas Surprise Package, include a big Wish List of old book titles lost, and I will try to load up that Surprise Package. And as always, we are happy to sign books or personalize them to a specific person (just be clear on who that person is). I know it’s not much, but it is something. All of us at Palladium are glad to help you find a little joy as you try to rebuild and find your way back to normalcy. I’m pleased to remind people that the Christmas Surprise Packages are not just for Christmas. They are a fantastic way to replace parts of that damaged or destroyed collection and on the cheap. We are happy to bring a little gaming sunshine back in someone’s life. To those of you who have endured such emotional loss and continuing travails, please stay positive and hopeful, and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are a community. You are part of the Palladium family, so I’m happy to help in this smallest of ways if I can.

On a different front, please make sure Rifts® for Savage Worlds players know about the Christmas Surprise Package offer. Many of these gamers are new to the Rifts® world setting and don’t know about all the World Books and source material available for Rifts®. And they certainly don’t know anything about the Surprise Package offer. Please let your Savage Worlds Rifts® friends know about the Grab Bags so they can expand their knowledge and gaming experience across the Megaverse.

As always, the Surprise Package offer is an excellent way to introduce any gamer to the Palladium Megaverse®, replace battle worn books, try new worlds and build upon your collection. For the price of what most core rule books cost, you can get one Surprise Package ($45 plus shipping and handling) with 3-6 different sourcebooks (depending on the value of each book). It’s impossible to beat that kind of deal. And if you want autographs, we’ll sign each book.

What is a Palladium Christmas Surprise Package? $90-$100 worth of Palladium Books products for only $45 plus shipping and handling.

Click here to get all the details and enjoy.

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So you want to be a Megaversal Ambassador

1) What is an MA?

Answer: The MAs (Megaversal Ambassadors) are a growing group of Palladium Game Masters who volunteer to run Palladium role-playing gaming events and/or demos at conventions, stores and other gatherings to introduce NEW PLAYERS to the Palladium Megaverse®. They are also active talking about Palladium products and the enjoyment and merits of role-playing, online and at events, to get new players interested in Palladium’s games and to keep the enthusiasm alive among established gamers.

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