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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Feb. 6, 2014

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By Kevin Siembieda

This week has been a whirlwind. Between dealing with more winter snowstorms (7.6 inches just yesterday – 68 inches of snow for the Winter Season so far, that’s about 28 inches more than usual for the ENTIRE winter, and 1-3 more are coming this weekend), end of year tax matters and bookkeeping, writing, assigning artwork, advertising, coordinating day-to-day business matters, planning summer conventions and keeping all the balls in the air ... another week has just flown by. The other day, Alex walked into my office and said, out of the blue, “Kev, I don’t know how you handle it all.” So I guess the level of work and business activity must have been obvious. Though I feel pretty tired by the end of most days, I've been waking up highly motivated and raring to go. In fact, when I've been editing and writing I’m usually hot as can be. That’s great. The trick is squeezing in time to write.

The Rifter® Super-Subscription Drive – Low Price – Free Gift

I’m keeping this the lead in the Update because you folks have been subscribing like crazy and the special offer is over at the end of February. Place your orders now so you don’t forget.

It only happens once a year – for a limited time – The Rifter® Super-Subscription Drive. And Palladium gamers are jumping at the opportunity. I’d like to think it is because The Rifter® has been so consistently good the last 8-10 issues, but I think it also has to do with the FREE gift selection we are offering this year. It’s pretty darn good, with a little bit for everyone. That’s awesome. Please keep the orders coming.

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Special Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Update – Jan. 31

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Robotech RPG Tactics

I hope all of our Kickstarter supporters and Robotech® fans will be pleased with the news in this Special Update.

We have decided that, in order to start getting Robotech® RPG Tactics™ products into your hands as soon as possible, we are going to release the Kickstarter items in TWO waves. Wave One products will ship to Kickstarter supporters as soon as we get them; probably early June, 2014. If we’re really lucky, possibly in May. A few weeks later, the Wave One products will ship to distributors.

If we wait until EVERY item in the Kickstarter has gone through engineering, tooling, and quality control before sending it ALL into manufacturing, you will not get them until freakin’ Autumn. We don’t want that, and we know you sure don’t.

By splitting the product release into two shipments, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall, we get to release Wave One to fans who are dying for this product, and you get to start playing and building armies and having fun. We think this is a good solution and hope you do, too.

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