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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – April 7, 2017

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By Kevin Siembieda

Another busy week working on numerous projects. All of them coming along. In fact, I’m hot writing so I’m going to keep this Update short, but there are a few things I do want to mention. This week’s spring sale is Rifts® Dimension Books, Conversion Books and some related titles. Back in stock: After the Bomb® RPG, Rifts® Triax™ 2, and Monsters and Animals™ for the Palladium Fantasy RPG®.

New Spring Sale! New Dimensions sourcebook sale – One week only – now till April 12, 2017

Add new dimension and danger to your games with any of these sourcebooks on sale for one week only. A great way to try new world settings, replace dog-eared books, get caught up on titles you’ve been meaning to try, or purchase gifts for upcoming birthdays and special occasions.

  • Rifts® Conversion Books 1-3 – stats and insight about bringing notable characters, monsters, powers and technology from other worlds into your Rifts® game, and vice versa.
  • Dimension Books 1-14Wormwood (a demon haunted, barren planet with weird and epic characters), Skraypers (superheroes fight to save their world from alien invaders), Phase World® (the dimensional hub of the Three Galaxies!), Anvil Galaxy, Thundercloud Galaxy, The Three Galaxies (overview), Naruni Wave 2 (tons of weapons and gear), Megaverse® Builder (create your own corner of the Megaverse®), Hades, Dyval, and more.
  • Heroes of the Megaverse® – a fun, easy way to bring super beings into your Rifts®, Phase World® and other game settings.
  • Mutants in Orbit™ – stats and story elements for both Rifts® and After the Bomb®; Moon base, Mars base, space stations, Archie-7, man-sized mutant insects, and more!
  • Splicers® RPG – war against the machine using bio-engineered living power armor, weapons and monstrous war steeds.
  • Sale ends at midnight on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

BACK IN STOCK: Rifts® Triax 2

Use the Triax robots, power armors, cyborgs, weapons and vehicles to battle demons and monsters across Europe, join the Minion War in North America, or as assets for your mercenary company, band of heroes or group of rogues anywhere in the Megaverse®. Triax 2 is epic fun and a valuable resource for players and Game Masters alike. (So are Triax & the NGR, NG-1 and NG-2.) Power up and game on! Available now!

BACK IN STOCK: Monsters and Animals – a Palladium Fantasy RPG® sourcebook

120+ monsters, more than 200 real world animals, maps for the Palladium World, and countless adventure ideas. What more needs to be said? Maybe that the creatures in Monsters and Animals™ can be dropped into almost any setting. The animals can be used in every world setting, and so can most of the monsters. Unleash your imagination and a menagerie of fun. Available now!

BACK IN STOCK: After the Bomb® RPG

Create an endless array of intelligent, humanoid mutant animals for any setting. Play them as aliens from another world in Rifts®, Heroes Unlimited, Phase World® or Robotech®, or as heroes with super abilities and fighting prowess extraordinaire in any setting. Make and use them as heroes or monsters, D-Bees or aliens, invaders or liberators. But use the After the Bomb® RPG as the versatile and fun resource that it is. Characters suitable for any setting. See the full description elsewhere in this Update and in the store. Available now!

Nightbane® Dark Designs sourcebook – Raw Preview Limited Edition – Only 150 copies printed – available now

Get your copy before it sells out. Remember, this is a limited edition preview with only 150 copies printed. Dark Designs™ is a sourcebook that focuses on the Nightbane, their appearance, transformation and powers. It is a great resource.

See the full description elsewhere in this update or click here.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update - March 31, 2017

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By Kevin Siembieda

Palladium Books has been quiet these past few years, with fewer and fewer releases even for Rifts®. There have been a number of reasons for that, but they don’t really matter now. What does matter is that it is about to change, big time, as Palladium works to reinfuse the “wow factor” into Rifts® and all our game worlds. And that’s in addition to licensed product lines from an increasing number of third parties (see details below).

Rifts® is just the start. You will be seeing sourcebooks and products for Robotech®/Robotech® RPG Tactics™, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Dead Reign® (zombie apocalypse), and Nightbane® in 2017, followed by new, game line invigorating products for Heroes Unlimited™, Splicers®, Beyond the Supernatural™ and others.

New Spring Sale: Heroes and Horror, see details below. Also read about our fun AdeptiCon, and plenty of other news and updates. Enjoy.

Many new Palladium releases are coming for Rifts®

Four Rifts® titles from Palladium Books are in final production (art, editing, etc.):

Plus a few works in progress that may be slotted into the spring and summer release schedule. Five more Rifts® titles are being developed for fourth quarter and 2018 release! Note: Many of these Rifts® titles are setting the stage for something absolutely huge for the Rifts® game line. Something yet to be revealed.

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