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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 12, 2017

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By Wayne Smith

Kevin is out sick, I’m here to let you know that projects are moving along and here is the new sale.

SALE! Discover the Megaverse® – May 12-17, 2017

Now is your chance to explore new worlds and try new settings. Spread the word to your friends and enjoy.

  • Rifts® Ultimate Edition RPG, Hardcover – $27.97 (normally $39.95 retail) – core rules, epic setting of science fiction, fantasy, and horror in a future Earth apocalyptic setting. If you can imagine it, it can happen in Rifts®. 376 pages – Cat. No. 800HC – 6 days only!
  • Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG – $14.67 (normally $20.95 retail) – core rules and setting as you play through the origins of Rifts Earth. 160 pages – Cat. No. 660 – 6 days only!
  • Nightbane® RPG – $17.47 (normally $24.95 retail). Superhero-horror set in a world of dark conspiracy where the monsters are the heroes. 240 pages – Cat. No. 730 – 6 days only!
  • Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG – $17.47 (normally $24.95 retail). Supernatural horror in the modern world. Play ordinary people, psychics or paranormal investigators. 256 pages – Cat. No. 700 – 6 days only!
  • RECON® RPG – $16.07 (normally $22.95 retail) – realistic, Vietnam era combat and war – does not use Palladium’s usual rules – written by Joe F. Martin and Erick Wujcik. 224 pages – Cat. No. 600 – 6 days only!
  • Robotech® RPG Tactics™ – core box game – $69.97 (normally $99.95 retail). The Robotech® Macross experience in a fast paced miniatures war game. Box set with 32 miniatures, rule book and more. Cat. No. 55100 – 6 days only!
  • Robotech® Shadow Chronicles® Hardcover Edition RPG – $21.67 (normally $30.95 retail). An 8½ x 11 rule book set in the Invid/Sentinels era; space setting. 224 pages – Cat. No. 550HC – 6 days only!
  • Robotech® Shadow Chronicles® “manga” edition RPG – $11.87 (normally $16.95 retail). A manga-sized rule book you can carry in your pocket. Invid/Sentinels era; space setting – Cat. No. 550 – 6 days only!
  • Ninjas & Superspies™ RPG – $14.67 (normally $20.95 retail). James Bond meets Enter the Dragon. 41 types of martial arts, ninjas, and super-spies with gadgets, gizmos and advanced weapons. 176 pages – Cat. No. 525 – 6 days only!
  • After the Bomb® RPG – $17.47 (normally $24.95 retail). Planet of the Apes meets the X-Men! Animal creations, powers and more. 224 pages – Cat. No. 503 – 6 days only!
  • Heroes Unlimited™ RPG – $18.87 (normally $26.95 retail). The name says it all, create any type of super-hero you can imagine. (And check out the Powers Unlimited® sourcebooks for hundreds of additional super abilities.) 352 pages – Cat. No. 500 – 6 days only!
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® – $18.87 (normally $26.95 retail). Fantasy adventure, sorcerers, knights, Elves and so much more, like Wolfen, Changelings and all manner of human and non-human player characters in a unique world setting. 336 pages – Cat. No. 450 – 6 days only!
  • Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy RPG – $17.47 (normally $24.95 retail). The fan fave, cult classic science fiction game that launched Palladium Books. World devouring alien menace attacks an Earth base in the far flung future. 208 pages – Cat. No. 400 – 6 days only!
  • Dead Reign® RPG – Zombie Apocalypse – $16.07 (normally $22.95 retail). Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Find out. You may be surprised by the answer. More than your typical zombie game. 224 pages – Cat. No. 230 – 6 days only!
  • Splicers® RPG – $16.77 (normally $24.95 retail). Science fiction and horror where humans are forced to use genetically engineered, living weapons and organic war machines to battle an insane Artificial Intelligence and her robot legions. 224 pages – Cat. No. 200 – 6 days only!
  • Sale ends at midnight on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 5, 2017

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By Kevin Siembieda

Put it on your calendar and spread the word, the Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter goes live at 3:00 PM, Monday, May 8th! We cannot believe it is here at last! On top of that, Palladium is hosting one of its last Spring Sales, the Realms of Chaos sale.

Rifts Board Game

As you might expect, a lot of this week was spent helping Carmen get ready for his Kickstarter’s launch. We met and consulted with him on Wednesday, helped in any way we could and approved text, art, video, and design elements for the Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter page as fast as we could. Talk about raw excitement. You will be excited too, once you see the Kickstarter (Monday). Please start spreading the word.

Every licensing deal we make is a thrill. As the licensor, Palladium tries to support and promote every project, whether it is Rifts® for Savage Worlds®, the Rifts® movie, or whatever it may be. The Rifts® Board Game is closer to our heart than any before, because the game designer and publisher, Carmen Bellaire, is a dear friend and there is a lot more riding on this Kickstarter than just the release of a new great game.

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