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By Kevin Siembieda

One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

Books are at the printer. We have been pounding away on several different projects: the Rifts® Bestiary™, the big, 256 page Splicers® I Am Legion Sourcebook (at the printer, but available as a PDF right now), the two Rifts® Raw Editions (at the printer), and The Rifter® #80 and #81 (in production), as well as day to day business.

Ideas are flying and the upcoming books are going to be awesome! Since our creative efforts are on overdrive, it means there will be much more new material and new monsters in the two Rifts® Bestiary books than we had originally anticipated.

Splicers I Am Legion

New! Splicers®: I Am Legion Adventure Sourcebook – available as a PDF and a printed Sourcebook – ships next Friday, June 22

At the printer! The book will be available to ship on June 22, 2018. Available as a PDF download on DriveThruRPG.com now! This big, 256 page adventure sourcebook for Splicers® is jam-packed with new Host Armors, War Mounts, Bio-Enhancements and a sprawling adventure, plus many additional adventure ideas. We think we may make it available as a print on demand title from DriveThruRPG.com too.

Highlights Include:

  • 6 new Great Houses.
  • 4 new Host Armors.
  • 6 new Splicers War Mounts.
  • 7 new Bio-Enhancements and augmentation.
  • 19 new Bio-Weapons, including the Hive Sword, Bug Bombs and more.
  • 15 new machines – robots and amalgams of the murderous Legion.
  • Amalgam creation tables, new alien predators and more.
  • Legion: A new and psychotic personality of N.E.X.U.S., statted and described.
  • Includes 20 pages of additional, unpublished material.
  • Written by Chuck Walton II, Christopher Kluge, Lance Colley and others.
  • Available as a PDF now.
  • 256 pages – Cat. No. 201 – $26.99 retail – ships as a printed book June 22, 2018 – order yours now.

New! Surviving Chaos Earth® – Raw Preview Limited Edition of Chaos Earth® First Responders and Chaos Earth® Psychic ScreamJune 22

At the printer and ships June 22, 2018. The “Raw Preview Edition” of Rifts® Chaos Earth® First Responders™ and Psychic Scream™ is an advance copy of the unedited, unillustrated, final working manuscripts for these two exciting, new sourcebooks. You get to see the unfinished books months before the final titles are released. A rare look at the raw manuscripts before publication. Limited to a total of 150 copies. Note: Psychic Scream™ is the new title for the long-awaited Psychic Storm™.

Contains background information on the early days immediately following the advent of the Great Cataclysm, new O.C.C.s, new weapons and gear, lifesaving medical robots and equipment, new D-Bees, new monsters, Apocalypse Plagues, and adventures. The Pyschic Scream section of this Raw Preview Edition includes Psychic Super-Soldiers, Cleansers, Lifegivers, Listeners, Old Souls, Psychonauts, Faith Healers, the Lazlo Society, monsters and much more!

Note: The finished titles are anticipated to ship in the fall or winter. But you can start playing right now with this special edition!

  • Limited collector’s edition – only 150 total copies made!
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • A rare glimpse at the virgin manuscripts and works in progress.
  • By Jason Richards, Matthew Clements, Daniel Frederick and Taylor White.
  • 160 pages – Limited Edition – $24.99 – Cat. No. 665-RAW – ships June 22 (tentative). Do not miss out.

Rifts Antarctica Raw Preview

New! Rifts® Antarctica – Raw Preview Limited Edition – June 22, 2018

At the printer and ships June 22, 2018. The “Raw Preview Edition” of Rifts® World Book: Antarctica™ is an advance copy of the unedited, unillustrated, final working manuscript for this exciting new sourcebook. You get to see the unfinished book months before the final title is released. A rare look at the raw manuscript before publication. Limited to a total of 150 copies.

Contains information about Rifts® Antarctica and its many mysteries and secrets. Includes the Ice Witch, Icecraft, the War of the Elementals, possessed volcanoes, ghost camps, the Krellik threat, aliens, demons, monsters, cold weather rules and more.

Note: The finished title is anticipated to ship in fall or winter 2018. But you can start playing right now with this special edition!

  • Limited collector’s edition – only 150 total copies made!
  • Sold on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
  • A rare glimpse at the virgin manuscript and a work in progress.
  • By Matthew Clements.
  • 128 pages – Limited Edition – $20.99 – Cat. No. 898-RAW – ships June 22 (tentative). Do not miss out.

Coming! The Rifter® #80

Wayne Smith and I have been working on selecting and editing material for The Rifter® #80 and #81, with an eye open for additional articles and adventures for the issues that will quickly follow as we get caught up. Some of the upcoming issues of The Rifter® will include articles and adventure source material by Greg Diaczyk, Julius Rosenstein, Mark Oberle and me, Kevin Siembieda.

So far it is looking like The Rifter® #80 should include source material for Rifts®, Splicers®, Heroes Unlimited™, and more. I’ve been editing and cleaning up the Splicers® article earlier this week and I think you Spliceheads will enjoy it.

Writers and Gamers Note: Palladium has several issues of The Rifter® to get caught up with so the next two months are an excellent time to submit gaming articles, adventures, monsters, new characters/O.C.C.s and other source material for possible publication in The Rifter®. Artwork too! Please send electronic files and the the Unsolicited Manuscript Form to: riftersub{at}palladiumbooks.com

Of course, all such submissions are created entirely on speculation and there is no promise we will publish your submission in The Rifter®, but this is a great time to be seen. And remember, many writers and artists who started out in The Rifter® went on to work on official sourcebooks. This is a great way to share your ideas and adventures with other gamers.

Coming! Rifts® Bestiary Vol. One and Vol. Two

Chuck Walton continues to pound out artwork for these books that looks amazing, and he is already tightening the art for finished illustrations. The art depicted here is one new monster concept drawing. I hope to slip a few pieces of art into these books too.

Otherwise writing away as I juggle several projects. We have also received some creature stats and ideas from a few other freelance authors. As noted in the past, we are working on both volumes simultaneously. Very excited about these two books as they develop into something truly special. Below is just one of Charles Walton’s concept sketches that has been approved.

Rifts Bestiary

What are the Rifts® Bestiary of North America, Volume One and Two?

We are collecting the hundreds of monsters and beasts of Rifts Earth into easy to use reference books, similar to what we did with D-Bees of North America. Only there are so many wondrous and fierce creatures that we cannot squeeze them into one book – plus we are adding a bunch of new creatures to add more fun and menace to your Rifts® games. Some will be a nuisance, others pets and companions, some are suitable M.D.C. riding animals, and some are slobbering beasts.

The first two Rifts® Bestiary™ sourcebooks are being created simultaneously, right now! Between them, these two volumes compile all the beasts of Rifts North America (unintelligent monsters, predators, notable animals and intelligent beings that are monstrous or animal-like in appearance or behavior) from all current World Books and Sourcebooks. In addition to a growing number of brand new critters and monsters by Kevin Siembieda, Chuck Walton, Carl Gleba, Greg Diaczyk and others! All adding new life to the savage wilderness of Rifts North America (US, Canada, Mexico). Presented in alphabetical order, with maps showing their range and location, in two big books.

  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America organized in two big, easy to use sourcebooks. Predators, exotic riding animals, beasts of burden, alien horrors, giant insects and more.
  • Updated descriptions and information where applicable.
  • Updated and uniform stat blocks.
  • A good number of brand new creatures are being added too.
  • A map for every creature showing where it is found.
  • Fully illustrated, much of the art by Charles Walton II, along with Siembieda and many others.
  • 192-224 pages each volume – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 896 (Volume One) and Cat. No. 897 (Volume Two). In production. Release date: Summer – i.e., as fast as we can kick these bad boys out!

New on DriveThruRPG.com – Splicers®: I Am Legion Adventure Sourcebook – available now

New and available now: Get the Splicers®: I Am Legion™ Adventure Sourcebook right now, even before it is available next week as the printed book. It contains 6 new Great Houses, 4 new Host Armors, 6 new War Mounts, 19 new Bio-Weapons, 15 new killer machines, new Bio-Enhancements, Amalgam creation tables, Legion and a series of adventures that build into a small campaign, and more. It joins last week’s new PDF, Nightlands™ Sourcebook for the Nightbane® RPG, containing secrets of the Nightlords™, their minions and their home dimension: the Nightlands, a twisted mockery of our own Earth. Plus 41 wicked NPC villains, 12 monsters, 12 demons, notable Nightlands™ locations, and more!

Recently made available: Library of Bletherad™, an epic Palladium Fantasy sourcebook containing 21 Rune Weapons, 50+ new spells, Shadowcasting™ Magic, Fulmination Magic, forgotten history, secrets and more! The Rifter® #76 offers Rifts®/Phase World® Elemental Primorda™, the Rifts® Pecos Badlands town of Gohjjunk™, Doc Feral™ and some Mutants for Heroes Unlimited™, a Ninjas & Superspies™ adventure, a Savage Rifts® preview, and Splicers®: I Am Legion™: Part 5.

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So you want to be a Megaversal Ambassador

1) What is an MA?

Answer: The MAs (Megaversal Ambassadors) are a growing group of Palladium Game Masters who volunteer to run Palladium role-playing gaming events and/or demos at conventions, stores and other gatherings to introduce NEW PLAYERS to the Palladium Megaverse®. They are also active talking about Palladium products and the enjoyment and merits of role-playing, online and at events, to get new players interested in Palladium’s games and to keep the enthusiasm alive among established gamers.

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