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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Dec. 11, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

It seems like everyone is in Christmas mode, so I’m going to focus on Christmas as well and keep this Update brief and simple.

UPDATE: ONLY 13 DAYS till Christmas Eve – Surprise Packages – Offer ends December 24, 2015

Only 5 days to place orders for a Grab Bag and get it, guaranteed in for Christmas in the USA, without having to pay for expedited shipping.

Place your orders over the next FIVE days and select any shipping means other than Media Mail, and you should get your package BEFORE Christmas in the USA. Canada and overseas are likely to get it in time for Christmas, but we can NOT guarantee it. See the Shipping Guidelines below.

Are you new to the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package? It’s usually $89-$95 or more worth of Palladium RPG books for only $42 plus shipping and handling. And because you guys and gals mean so much to us, I often pack in more than $90 worth of product. Oh, and each book will be signed by me (Kevin Siembieda) and available Palladium staff and freelancers if you request it. It is our way of saying thanks to all of you for your support and kindness.

Surprise Packages are the perfect holiday gift for gamers as well as for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or filling in holes in your collection or trying new game settings (Rifts®, Robotech®, Nightbane®, Dead Reign®, Beyond the Supernatural™, Heroes Unlimited™, Ninjas & Superspies™, After the Bomb®, Splicers® and all the rest). We’re happy to put smiles on your faces with these items.

  • A great gift for the gamers in your lives.
  • Fill holes in your own collection.
  • Try new game settings and receive cool stuff.
  • Get autographs from the Palladium crew and available freelancers.
  • Be surprised when the package arrives.
  • All items selected and comments read by Santa Kevin, himself. Ho, ho, ho!
  • Taking orders right up to December 24, 2015.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – Dec. 4, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend was a nice one. I did a little Thursday night and Black Friday shopping, and then it was a very long weekend of working with Wayne Smith to get the 224 page, double-sized issue of The Rifter® #71-72 finished and sent off to the printer. All of us were here. Wayne doing typesetting, layout and last minute editing, Chuck putting the finishing touches on his artwork for the Splicers® adventure and source material, Julius doing proofreading, Alex pitching in where he could and working on other fronts, and me helping with layout, putting in corrections, and finishing my writing contributions to the issue. I think The Rifter® #71-72 is a really fun read with a wide variety of gaming material you will enjoy. It was not the most fun way to spend the holiday weekend, and talk about long hours, but we are happy that it is at the printer and will ship before Christmas. See complete details below.

UPDATE: Rifts® Chaos Earth® Resurrection – Available now

Chaos Earth® Resurrection is on its way to those of you who pre-ordered, and has already made its way into a few Christmas Surprise Packages. The book has also shipped to Distributors so it should be hitting the shelves of your favorite stores in a week or two. Great book. Freelancer Ben Rodriguez went wild over it, and he had already seen the proofreader copy. It is one heck of an adventure sourcebook. You can go to DriveThruRPG.com to see a couple of FREE Chaos Earth® Resurrection™ previews, but they don’t do the entire book justice. FYI: Chaos Earth® Resurrection™ is available to request on your Christmas Surprise Package wish list.

UPDATE! The Rifter® #71 & 72 Double Issue – 224 pages – ships December 18

The Rifter® #71 & 72 Double Issue went to the printer at the beginning of the week. I approved the printer’s digital proof Thursday afternoon. Another great couple of issues. In fact, Julius still contends The Rifter® #71-72 is one of the best issues of The Rifter® ever. It is pretty sweet, with a bunch of official game material and a few little surprises. (I hope.) The printer confirmed a ship date of December 18, 2015. I know it has been a long wait to get these two issues, but I think it will have been worth it. 224 pages of adventure, ideas for adventures, and fun. See the new description of the book elsewhere in this update.

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