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By Kevin Siembieda

Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you, but around here, Thanksgiving Day seems to kick off the holiday season that culminates with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and ends with New Year’s Eve. I’m not talking about holiday sales season – though Palladium does have its annual Christmas Surprise Package and a couple special offers for the weekend through Cyber-Monday – I’m talking about the energy that comes with Christmas and related holidays. There just seems to be something festive and joyful about this time of year. I like that part of the holidays a lot.

I hear some people grumbling about the commercialization of the holidays, but you know what, don’t let that part get to you. Enjoy the good stuff. Actually, stop and think about – maybe even talk about – the things you are thankful for. Particularly the people who bring love, joy and laughter into your life. Make sure you tell them how much they mean to you. How much you love them.

Life is hard. It doesn’t matter how much you work at being a good person and always doing the right thing, you still face challenges and heartbreak. Sometimes crushing heartbreak. And when those dark days hit, it is your friends and loved ones who are there to cry with you and help lift you back on your feet. During the holidays, let them know how much they matter to you. Send a card, give them a call on the phone (not just a text or email, though those are welcomed, too), and when you see them in person, give them a big hug and a few words to acknowledge their importance to you. You won’t be sorry.

As for gifts, sure it’s nice to give out presents. I love giving people presents. But you know what, they don’t have to be big and expensive. I’ve found that a small, thoughtful gift is plenty to tell someone they are remembered, loved and appreciated.

I wish I could call each and every one of you to say thank you and wish you and your families the best for the holidays. I can’t, so we do the next best thing: we offer the Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages and go the extra mile to sign the books when asked to do so – thousands of them – and we are delighted to do it. When I can, I add a little note or a drawing. And we do it all with the genuine intention of putting smiles on your faces in a gesture of gratitude. You guys are the best.

While Palladium has faced its share of challenges and tragedies, it is you who have made the battles all worthwhile. We love what we do for a living, and the people we make the games for. That’s you. You’ve brought us joy and friendship I never imagined when I started Palladium Books back in 1981. I’m thankful about many things: Great friends, great experiences brought to me through role-playing games, new friends, new challenges and opportunities, and the truly wonderful life I have enjoyed because of you.

Happy Thanksgiving! On behalf of everyone here at Palladium Books – may your lives be joyous and filled with good health, dear friends, prosperity and great times at the gaming table.

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