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By Kevin Siembieda

We are back from a solid and fun Gen Con. My Gen Con Report follows, below, but first I want to remind you about the limited time offer of the two Rifts® Bundles of Holding. They are going strong (started July 31) and are a great deal. See details below. The Rifter® #80 and The Rifter® #81 shipped to subscribers and distributors the Monday before we left for Gen Con (both are awesome issues), and we are working away on Rifts® Bestiary Volume One and Volume Two, and other titles. Read on.

Only TWO weekends left to get a Rifts® Essentials Bundle of Holding (and the Rifts® World Books Bundle) – Happening NOW – don’t miss out


The Rifts® Essentials gets you the core rule book and a few key supplements for the science-fantasy Rifts® setting. This bargain-priced revival of the popular 2017 offer is your starting point for a campaign of mind-blowing adventure across a future Earth shattered by countless otherworldly invaders, demons and monsters. And after you get this Essentials collection, check out the all-NEW Rifts® World Books offer with supplements and sourcebooks for an epic campaign stretching across the USA, Canada and Mexico (described below). And 10% of every purchase goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to protect and help children.

Rifts® “Essentials” Starter Collection (US $8.95 – total value $33.50). It is called the Rifts® “Essentials” Bundle because it contains everything you need to play or start a campaign:

  • Rifts® Ultimate Edition™ (376 page core rule book).
  • Rifts® Sourcebook One™ (160 page adventure sourcebook).
  • Rifts® Primer (tips on running games and creating adventures).

Total PDF retail value of $33.50, all for only $8.95!

BONUS Collection (currently US $20.60):

If you pay more than this offer's threshold (average) price ($20.60 when we post this, but the longer you wait, the higher it will go), you will level up and also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection.

  • Rifts® Game Master Guide (352 pages of stats, robots, vehicles, gear and maps).
  • Rifts® Book of Magic (352 pages, 900+ spells, plus magic items, herbs, symbiotes and more).
  • Rifts® Game Master Kit (character sheets, G.M. tools).


Bargain price and charity support. Not only do you get to try something new or build your existing e-library at a bargain price, but 10% of every purchase goes toward charity! We chose to support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (www.missingkids.com) with both bundles. They provide desperately needed help and services to those in need of them.

Rifts® challenges and stimulates your imagination like few role-playing games ever will. Its twisted, post-apocalyptic world of science fiction, fantasy and horror offers diverse player characters and gaming opportunities you seldom see in the same setting. WARNING: Read a few of these books and you may be hooked playing adventures that pit you against an endless array of aliens, supernatural creatures, magic and super-technology that spans countless worlds and dimensions.

If you have never played Rifts®, the Essentials Bundle gives you plenty to get rolling. If you are a long time Rifts® fan, you get the Rifts® Ultimate Edition RPG and other “core” books to have available as a digital reference. Rifts® Savage Worlds® players, this is a great way to learn more about the world and incorporate new elements and surprises into your game.

The Rifts® Essentials Bundle ends the morning of August 20, 2018 – don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

New! Rifts® “World Books Bundle” of Holding – going on right now – don’t miss out


The Rifts® “World Books” STARTER Collection (US $14.95 – total value $58.50). For just US $14.95 you get five World Books, below, in this offer’s Starter Collection. Pay more and you also get the Bonus Collection of 6 additional books. ALL set in Rifts North America (America, Canada and Mexico). Perfect for those of you looking for more world and setting information or anxiously waiting for the upcoming Rifts® Bestiary books. Also ideal for Rifts® Savage Worlds® players looking for a wealth of additional setting information, villains and monsters. Note: 10% goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (www.missingkids.com) with both bundles.

  • World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms, Revised (224 pages, vampires and much more).
  • World Book 13: Lone Star (176 pages, CS secrets, Dog Boys, mutants, the bandit Pecos Empire, villains and more).
  • World Book 16: Federation of Magic (160 pages, 8 mages, Techno-Wizard devices, magic powers, automatons and more).
  • World Book 20: Canada (192 pages, notable places, 20+ monsters, cyborg headhunters, Tundra Rangers, and more).
  • World Book 30: D-Bees of North America (224 pages, nearly 100 non-humans usable as player characters, NPCs or villains).

Rifts® “World Books” BONUS Collection (threshold currently $26.93 – retail value $61.50). Total retail value: $120

When you pay more than this offer's threshold (average) price ($26.93 when we post this, but the longer you wait, the higher it will go), you will level up and also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection with six more supplements and sourcebooks worth an additional $61.50.

  • World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign (224 pages of info about the Coalition States and their weapons, gear, power armor, robots, and vehicles).
  • World Book 15: Spirit West (208 pages, Shaman powers, spells, spirits, monsters and more).
  • World Book 22: Free Quebec (192 pages, your Rifts® Canada companion, Glitter Boys, weapons, gear, notable places and more).
  • Sourcebook 4: Coalition Navy (112 pages; the name says it all, plus monsters and pirates).
  • Vampires Sourcebook (176 pages, more about vampires, werebeasts, Soulcraft magic, vampire hunting, monsters, and much more).
  • Adventure Sourcebook 3: The Black Vault (48 pages, the Coalition’s hidden vault of magic artifacts and 101 magic items).


10% of every purchase goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (www.missingkids.com) with both bundles. They provide desperately needed help and services to those in need of them.

Remember, if you haven't already purchased the Rifts Essentials Bundle with the core rule book and key supplements, start there first!

For each offer, the customer can pay the minimum price to get all the titles in that offer's Starter Collection. If you pay more than that offer's threshold (average) price, you also get all the titles in that offer's Bonus Collection. The Rifts® World Book offer ends August 20, 2018.

The Rifter Number 80

UPDATE: The Rifter® #80 – Available now

The Rifter® #80 (and #81) shipped before we left for Gen Con and is available now! Even if you do not usually get The Rifter, The Rifter® #80 contains material for players and Game Masters alike, and 90% is “official” source material. It includes: Splicers® House of the Red Sands™ (official source material), a new and secretive Great House hidden in the desert, with new O.C.C.s, enhancements, creatures and more, by Kris Tipping and others. For the Palladium Fantasy RPG®: The Wayfarers (official source material), gypsy-like nomads who travel the Palladium World and have their own secret ways, by Julius Rosenstein and me (Kevin Siembieda). Rifts® Chaos Earth® Nebraska, Part One (official source material) by Dan Frederick, Megan Timperley and Kevin Siembieda. For Heroes Unlimited™: Masters Unlimited™ adventure source material by Paul Herbert; plus news and coming attractions. 112 pages. See the full description elsewhere in this Update. And check out the free Sneak Preview on DriveThruRPG.com!

The Rifter Number 81

The Rifter® #81 – Available now

Both issues were well received at Gen Con, but The Rifter® #81 sold a third more copies and I don’t know why. Is it the wealth of Palladium Fantasy RPG® material including a fully fleshed out adventure featuring Wolfen Vampires and iconic Lord DeSilca characters? Is it because people love the idea of Wolfen Vampires? Or is it Gnomes they love? (That’s the subject of the other Fantasy article.) Then again, the Super-Sleuth article is very compelling.

The Rifter® #81 includes Blood Moon, an adventure with two dozen NPCs for the Palladium Fantasy RPG® by me (Kevin Siembieda), Navigating Game Power Levels by Greg Diaczyk and me; an in-depth look at the Gnomes of Ophid’s Grasslands by Hendrik Härterich for the Palladium Fantasy RPG®; Rifts® Chaos Earth® Nebraska, Part Two, “official” source material by Kevin Siembieda, Dan Frederick and Megan Timperley; a new and expanded look at the Heroes Unlimited™ Super-Sleuth by Matt Reed, and more. See the full description elsewhere in this Update. And check out the free Sneak Preview on DriveThruRPG.com!

Rifts Bestiary

UPDATE: Rifts® Bestiary, Volume One and Volume Two

The cover for Rifts® Bestiary Volume One is finished and looks pretty fabulous. It is by artists Charles Walton II and Eduardo Dominguez S. Chuck and I have already planned out the cover to Volume Two which he expects to start working on soon.

Meanwhile, Chuck continues to hammer away at artwork while I am writing and assigning out art to additional artists. The Rifts® Bestiary Volume One is tentatively slated for an end of September release. Volume Two end of October or November. In addition to existing creatures collected from various Rifts® World Books and sourcebooks, it has new beasties created by me, Chuck and a few other freelance writers. This includes creatures that are not just predators or monsters but beasts that player characters can use as war mounts, attack animals, familiars, companions and pets. A little something for everyone. A few fun surprises, too. The two Bestiary books are developing into something truly fun and special.

What are the Rifts® Bestiary, Volume One and Two?

We are collecting the hundreds of monsters and beasts of Rifts Earth into easy to use reference books, similar to what we did with D-Bees of North America. Only there are so many wondrous and fierce creatures that we cannot squeeze them into one book – plus we are adding a bunch of new creatures to add more fun and menace to your Rifts® campaigns. Some will be a nuisance, others pets and companions, some are suitable M.D.C. riding animals, and some are slobbering monsters.

The first two Rifts® Bestiary™ sourcebooks are being created simultaneously, right now! Between them, these two volumes compile all the beasts of Rifts North America (unintelligent monsters, predators, notable animals and intelligent beings that are monstrous or animal-like in appearance or behavior) from all current World Books and Sourcebooks. In addition to a growing number of brand new critters and monsters by Kevin Siembieda, Chuck Walton, Carl Gleba, Greg Diaczyk and others! All adding new life to the savage wilderness of Rifts Earth (particularly the USA, Canada, and Mexico). Presented in alphabetical order, with maps showing their range and location, in two big books.

  • Monsters and animals of Rifts North America organized in two big, easy to use sourcebooks. Predators, exotic riding animals, beasts of burden, alien horrors, giant insects and more.
  • Updated descriptions and information where applicable.
  • Updated and uniform stat blocks.
  • A good number of brand new creatures are being added too.
  • A map for every creature showing where it is found.
  • Fully illustrated, much of the art by Charles Walton II, along with Siembieda and many others.
  • 192-224 pages each volume – $26.99 retail – Cat. No. 896 (Volume One) and Cat. No. 897 (Volume Two). In production. Release date: Summer – i.e., as fast as we can kick these bad boys out!

New on DriveThruRPG.com – Nightbane® Survival Guide adventure sourcebook. And check out the FREE Rifter® #81 and #80 Sneak Previews

New: Nightbane® Survival Guide is everything to know about the Nightbane: How to unleash your potential, new Morphus tables, Talents, magic, skills, contacts, new dangers, a complete adventure plus adventure ideas, Nightbane creation guidelines, Nightbane history, psychology and more. It joins Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 2nd Edition: The completely revised core game with 14 character classes and 42 occupations for “ordinary people,” 100+ psychic abilities, 16 monsters, the Lazlo Agency, world setting and rules. Epic fun. Nightbane®: Through the Glass Darkly™ offers truly weird and gruesome Fleshsculptor magic, the Mirrormage, Cybermage, the Shadowleague, dangerous brotherhoods, magic artifacts, 50 spells, three full adventures, ideas for additional adventures and more. It joins the Palladium library of more than 200 PDF game titles available. The Rifter® #77: The City of Nowhere for Rifts®, with new mutants, new HU2 stats for the fabled Doctor Feral and adventure hooks for Heroes Unlimited, the City of Khemennu adventure for Palladium Fantasy, Splicers and more. The Rifter® #80 AND Rifter® #81 FREE Sneak Previews offer you a glimpse at the two new Rifters® available now.

Recently made available: The Splicers®: I Am Legion™ Adventure Sourcebook contains 6 new Great Houses, 4 new Host Armors, 6 new War Mounts, 19 new Bio-Weapons, 15 new killer machines, new Bio-Enhancements, Amalgam creation tables, Legion and a series of adventures that build into a small campaign, and more. Nightbane® RPG, the core rules for this modern horror setting with elements of the monstrous, demonic and tormented superheroes (the Nightbane). Nightbane® Between the Shadows™ Sourcebook, the Dreamstream™, the Astral Plane, the sinister Spook Squad, world info, and more. Nightlands™ Sourcebook for the Nightbane® RPG, containing secrets of the Nightlords™, their minions and their home dimension: the Nightlands, a twisted mockery of our own Earth. Plus 41 wicked NPC villains, 12 monsters, 12 demons, notable Nightlands™ locations, and more! Library of Bletherad™, an epic Palladium Fantasy sourcebook containing 21 Rune Weapons, 50+ new spells, Shadowcasting™ Magic, Fulmination Magic, forgotten history, secrets and more! The Rifter® #76 offers Rifts®/Phase World® Elemental Primorda™, the Rifts® Pecos Badlands town of Gohjjunk™, Doc Feral™ and some Mutants for Heroes Unlimited™, a Ninjas & Superspies™ adventure, a Savage Rifts® preview, and Splicers®: I Am Legion™: Part 5.

Adventures on the High Seas™ (Fantasy, 2nd Edition) with 13 O.C.C.s, 20+ character sheets, 30 ships, 12 ports, cities and towns, the Island of the Cyclops, Floenry Islands, ship combat rules, and adventures. Old Ones™ (Fantasy 2nd Edition), has 50 different cities, towns and forts (all mapped!), Illusionist and Monk O.C.C.s, 7 adventures (and ideas for many more), plus the Old Ones! Hell Followed™ for Dead Reign® features masked lunatics, 11 new zombies, 7 apocalyptic character classes, stats for 23 disasters, and more.

Read more: Palladium Books® Weekly Update – August 9, 2018

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So you want to be a Megaversal Ambassador

1) What is an MA?

Answer: The MAs (Megaversal Ambassadors) are a growing group of Palladium Game Masters who volunteer to run Palladium role-playing gaming events and/or demos at conventions, stores and other gatherings to introduce NEW PLAYERS to the Palladium Megaverse®. They are also active talking about Palladium products and the enjoyment and merits of role-playing, online and at events, to get new players interested in Palladium’s games and to keep the enthusiasm alive among established gamers.

Read more: So you want to be a Megaversal Ambassador

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